Monday, May 9, 2016

Substance Painter Shader - Unreal Engine 4(update)

A little update : filtering(de-noise) should properly work with any env texture size now

Hey folks! I've just found an outstanding solution for a noise problem, the idea is to read mips for low-probability samples, it worked surprisingly well:

this method was used in Frostbyte 3 engine games later SW Battlefront and described in [Lagarde2014] and GPU Gems 3


  1. Hey man! You did a amazing work! It's gonna be really useful feature for everybody who use Painter.
    But it has pretty wired roughness. It seems like roughness disappears just at all on low values. Are you gonna fix it? It would be just crazy to have tool like that!

    1. can you email me screenshots of what exactly do you mean? because I don't see such a problem.