Monday, September 27, 2021

Unreal Engine shader for Substance painter. (update)

 Since Substance Share is no more and what they have now does not allow uploading shaders, I will post it here and on twitter.
I highly recommend using Temporal Anti-Aliasing from Display settings view.

If there will be a demand for 

and clear coat,

 I will  add that later.

 download UE4shader
Allegorithmic are still using aged IS algorithm in their main shader that causes poor looking reflections.
I've updated the importance sampling to the state of the art random sampling and made temporal accumulation useful.


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  2. I found that there is a big difference in color saturation between SP and UE4. What is this situation and can it be improved

    1. That depends on you Post-processing in both UE4 and SP. UE4 uses ACES as a tonemapper by default, but SP does not have that option.
      sensitometric is the closest to ACES, but still not the same. SP does not provide us with shaders for Post-Processing, so that can't be done exactly like UE4, at least for now

    2. Hello, I'd like to ask some questions about SP shader. I modified this one to benchmark UE4 mobile terminal, but I found that there are too many function parameters in sp. I can add your email to send you the file to have a look

    3. Hello, I also found that there are many small spots around the highlight of this object. What is the method to remove this

    4. "I highly recommend using Temporal Anti-Aliasing from Display settings view."

  3. Hi, thank you so much for this shader, it indeed looks more acurate to UE. However, a huge disadvantage for me is that it doesn't support specular level. Could you maybe implement it some day?